Reduce uncompensated care with medication compliance

NovaRx reduces the cost of your community health and wellness program by educating patients on how and where to find low-cost prescription medications. Our specialists create customized program delivery and educational tools that empower patients to fill their medications and stay on their care plan to reduce the cost of uncompensated emergency room visits and hospital stays.

Enhance charity programs and track 340B funding usage

Track your 340B funding usage with our charity care program. This program features deep discounts on generic medications in a flexible pharmacy network. Patients can be enrolled the same day as seen in your clinics. Flexible reporting can be tailored to your health system to provide fill data, cost analysis, and 340B funding usage.

Special programs tailored to enhance health system initiatives and priorities

NovaRx creates specific programs tailored to enhance the effectiveness of health systems initiatives. Educational messaging and program delivery can drive care plan compliance and improve outcomes in special programs such as:

Pre-diabetes-specially branded medication discount coupons for pre-diabetic program enrollees on pre-diabetes medications to increase adherence.

Chronic conditions-Patients with chronic conditions can be enrolled in disease-specific programs to increase medication compliance. These programs include medication pricing guides by zip code, refill reminders and fill data reporting.

Education to reduce over-use of Emergency Department by patients

Often patients are unsure where to find a primary care physician and when to turn to the emergency department to fill their needs. Our program offers specific educational tools and counseling tools to reduce this behavior and steer patients to a primary care practice. The medication compliance program also assists patients in knowing where and when to refill their medications.